remote coaching

Once you sign up to RDF you will receive communication and feedback tailored to you. We provided unlimited athlete-to-coach messaging with all of our personal monthly plans. 

Our coaches deliver sessions every week via your smart phone or mobile device. You tell us when you can train and how many times and we will help you develop a personal programme. 

​Monthly Packages 

£30.00     2 sessions 

£35.00     3 sessions 

£40.00     4 sessions 

On top of your customized weekly sessions you will be able to access our unique RDF movement demonstration library. The  library is a resource that will completely revolutionize the way you train. It offers visual demonstrations of all the exercises that feature in your programme.  It has been designed to ensure that you are exercising properly and targeting the correct areas. Your user profile also means you can send videos back to RDF for form and technique feedback. Move well, perform better. 


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